See It: Sew a Barbour Inspired Laptop Bag

Why I wanted to sew my own laptop bag:

I was a little dubious at first about sewing my own laptop bag as in my mind it would be really difficult and there was a risk that it would look like it was “homemade”. However, my husband encouraged me to push forward with designing it as I couldn’t find what I wanted on the high street.

Where I currently work I am required to walk across town from one building to another carrying my laptop and whatever else I need. I used to do this with a Tommy Hilfiger bag I got in an outlet mall in Florida, however, after a year it started to look tatty and the weight took its toll and the strap broke. This is why I needed to find a new one.

When I was searching for a replacement in the women’s bag sections of the local department stores all I could find was a selection of handbags. When I looked online all I could find were bags that would hold only a laptop. This wasn’t going to cut it because I didn’t want to walk for 15 minutes with a bag for my laptop, a bag with my lunch and a handbag as I would start feeling like a pack horse. Therefore, I wanted a practical bag that would hold everything I needed but at the same time looked good.

Where I found my inspiration:

Since I live very close to the Barbour factory store, I thought it would be worth having a walk round there in case there was anything suitable for the job. Unfortunately, there was nothing that was quite right for my purpose but I did get quite a bit of inspiration. I noticed how they combined tartan and leather, I liked how they used their signature wax cotton in a bag and the way they used antique brass buckles.

Barbour laptop bag
1)Tartan Tote, Barbour            2)Briefcase, Barbour           3)Tarras Bag, Barbour

After my trip I was feeling very motivated so I started to do a few sketches and made the decision to commit myself to make my own laptop bag. My next post shows the design process I went through