• The selvedge is the tightly woven edge of fabric that prevents it from fraying or unravelling.
  • When you go to a fabric shop they will cut your fabric along the cross grain, which is perpendicular to the selvedges. This means you will get two selvedges on your cut length of fabric.
  • The selvedges are created in the weaving process where the cross grain or weft fibres loop from the end of one row to the start of the next.
  • You should never use the selvedge in your sewing project as it is sturdier than the rest of the fabric meaning it will not hang the same.
  • The selvedge may also contain manufacturer information such as the name of the fabric designer, the fibre content or a key which shows the colours used in the fabric.
selvedge, weft, warp bias
Diagram to show the selvedgeof a woven fabric.

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